Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

As a student senator at large, I try to represent the student body to my greatest capacity. In the most recent decision made by Student Senate, regarding Chi Alpha’s concert that was granted allocation, I’ve heard a lot of positive opinions from the student body as a whole.

However, in this opinion, I wanted to address the negative backlash this decision has been receiving. Specifically, one of the main critiques of this decision is that the bands being brought in are that of religious affiliation, and that by allocating funds towards this event Senate has set a precedent of preference. I would like to stress that this is entirely not the case; while the bands are religiously affiliated, I would like to point out that the club the event is being sponsored through is, by nature, religious.

Regardless, I’ve spoken to numerous students that were excited for the concert even without being of the same religious denomination; after all, it is not often that such high profile bands are brought into Chadron State College.

Furthermore, had Student Senate voted against the concert simply for the reason of the bands being religiously affiliated, the decision would set an even more dangerous precedent of being prejudiced towards a certain religion.

If we, as senators, had voted for, or against, the concert in accordance to religious preference, that would be entirely wrong. I can speak in full confidence that our decision was not derived out of any religious background, but rather from listening to our constituents and sharing in their excitement for an event on campus.

Syerra Wycoff-Bagshaw,

Peyton, Colorado

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