Silence continues with professor’s absence

On the heels of a missing volleyball coach, we now have a missing English professor.

The reason they are missing is a result of personnel matters, and citing NSCS board policy, nobody is talking.

College officials with information about the status of both are unable to talk because Board Policy 5018 states, “It is the policy of the Board that personnel information of College employees shall not be made public.”

There is no explanation why a note on English and Humanities Professor Robert McEwen’s door saying he is gone was placed there.

“Dr. McEwen is unexpectedly away from campus for the rest of this week (October 28-30, 2015),” the note states. “We apologize for any inconvenience. Students, please continue to keep appointments with your assigned writing tutors, if applicable. Dr. McEwen’s classes will continue to meet while he is away. Dr. McEwen will be unable to answer email or phone messages during his absence. If you have work to turn in, or for further assistance, please visit with Brenda Brown at the front desk or contact the Dean’s Office (in this building, Room 232A). You may also email the Dean directly at”

Jim Margetts, the school of liberal arts dean said this morning that the needs of the students are being met, despite the absence of McEwen.

Margetts said that faculty members are stepping up and covering the classes that McEwen teaches.

“It’s standard practice,” Margetts said. “We are kind of used to doing it a little bit. It’s kind of a professional courtesy.”

Students are making use of the Writing Center, with each student visiting a writing tutor. Margetts said the students are continuing the work that McEwen assigned and they have a list of things to work on. He said students are meeting privately with faculty members as well to continue the standard set by McEwen.

“We try to be flexible and be helpful and do as much as we can to help the students not skip a beat,” Margetts said. “I’m not naïve enough to think that it isn’t a little bit of an inconvenience for some of the students.”

Margetts said they are trying to limit the amount of inconvenience but he apologizes for the inconvenience.

“The faculty that are taking over the courses on a temporary basis are trying to maintain as much as they can kind of what has already been the plan for what they are learning, and what they are working on,” Margetts said.

McEwen declined comment when contacted on his home phone about the matter.

“You’re asking me for something I can’t supply right now…I can’t discuss anything even tangential about this,” McEwen said. “I’m not allowed to talk about it. If I could talk about it I would, but I can’t, and that takes care of that.”

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