Vape away: Avoid vaping in high traffic areas

Smoking, while not as common as it used to be, is still a major part of today’s society. While I have my opinion on smoking in general, I’m going to focus on one area that is bothersome to me on campus. On multiple occasions, I have been walking on the sidewalk and as I am passing someone smoking on the sidewalk, they blow their puff of smoke right as I’m about to walk by. While the smell of smoke may be pleasing to you, it is not pleasing to many of us who do not smoke. Would it hurt you to try and direct that smoke in another direction? Or even try to resist the urge to smoke until you are in a designated smoking area. But definitely don’t blow the biggest puff of smoke you can in a high traffic area.

I also have an opinion on these new vape pens or what ever they are called. Judging by the size of the puff of smoke that comes out of a user’s mouth and nostrils, it seem like they are more like a vape chimney. What is with that? Are you inhaling that much or is that simply what that machine in your hand does? Either way, I think it makes you look ridiculous. For starters, despite what people tell you vape pens are not healthy for you. If you don’t believe me, look at the research. Second, it is not cool nor does it make you look cool to exhale that much smoke or vapor into the air. The word that comes to my mind is “idiot.” Thirdly, in the same way that people don’t want to deal with walking into cigarette smoke, people don’t want to deal with walking into a huge cloud of vapor. And I’ve come to notice that vapor lingers longer than cigarette smoke. So please, vape somewhere away from high traffic areas. It will make us non-vapers happy.

I realize that some of you who read this are partakers in smoking and vaping and might find this offensive. However, I think this is something that needed to be said and if nothing else, it might get you to think about the decision you are making in your life. I don’t have to tell you that smoking cuts your life short significantly, and I’m certain that vaping will eventually have research that will tell you the same thing.

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