Internet comments do not represent diversity

I have lived in Nebraska all of my life, and part of growing up here is learning to deal with some of the people around here and their beliefs. My father is a Socialist and raised me to try to appreciate all sides of the political spectrum, except for idiots who preach on the grounds of intolerance. Believe it or not, there are still a lot of people in Nebraska who are fundamentally racist, as if it is something that has been ingrained in them from birth. Lo and behold, this influences their political stances, and as a result, the majority of them are Republican, or consider themselves a member of the Tea Party.

Like I said, I have been raised to try to appreciate all political stances, but in this day and age, the modern Republican Party has become nothing more than a mockery of politics. That is to be expected from a party with Donald Trump as its forerunner in the polls. The fact that people even believe that he is capable of being a presidential candidate blows me away. The man is a horrible businessman, has openly praised Kim Jong Un for his “admirable qualities,” and wants to get the Mexican government to build a wall on the United States border to keep its own citizens from leaving the country illegally. He is nothing short of a modern day Adolf Hitler. I’m currently awaiting the arrival of his autobiographical novel, “Mein Hairpiece.”

In addition to supporting horrible candidates, the majority of Republican Party members like to think they are not racist, but the truth is, most still are. I would be willing to bet that if Barack Obama had been a white man, there would have been no debate over his country of origin, or as much bad press. Many Republicans don’t have a problem picking on a black man, because they don’t like the thought of someone of a different race having power over them.

Speaking of racism, the big hot-button topic of discussion has been related to whether the United States should be willing to let Syrian refugees seek asylum on U.S. soil. This topic is actually what inspired me to write this. As I was on social media the other day, I came across a page that was supposed to be confessions of residents of Alliance, a town about an hour south of Chadron.

Someone had posted a picture of a news article in the local paper discussing a church in Alliance that was supposedly entertaining the thought of accepting Syrian refugees. As of now, someone representing the local church has posted on social media that this article was written out of context, and they have not officially supported anything. I don’t care about that, what I was mostly concerned about were the comments people were making.

I know from experience that reading internet comments does not really lead to any long-term enlightenment, but I decided to put that rule aside and see what people were saying. The person who posted the picture attached the message “HOLY S**T PEOPLE DO NOT LET THIS INTO OUR COMMUNITY!!!” Some other gems that stand out are;

“Don’t bring the enemy to my doorstep,”

“The refugees brought to Grand Island has caused a huge increase in murder, drugs, rape, etc,”

“I believe this article was written in poor taste,”

and my personal favorite,

“Our community needs to come together and stop this s**t cause something happens to my family there want be much left to identify the motherf**kers with I will not change my life style to accommodate these c**ksuckers period.”

It is sayings like these that are the result of a bad political ideology and living in a sheltered area of the country where you don’t have to be exposed to any real diversity. To any people of Republican persuasion reading this, I am going to hope that you don’t believe any of the drivel I have written about. If you do, you should be ashamed of yourselves for being such poor citizens. I encourage all of you to take a step back and really think about how your party’s political actions shape our country and our communities.

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