C-Hill comes alive with the sound of music

Vocal Jazz, Guitar Ensemble, and Jazz Band performed Tuesday in Memorial Hall’s Auditorium.

CSC Vocal Jazz, an ensemble of eight singers, started off the night. Students must audition to receive a spot in Vocal Jazz, a course directed by Joel Schreuder.

The first song they performed was “Devil May Care” by Terrell Kirk Jr. and Bob Dorough, arrangement by Kirk Marcy. Brendan Mead, senior of Knoxville, Iowa, and Jessica Hurd, sophomore of Gordon, had scat solos in the piece, and Jacob Wirth, senior of Sidney, had a singing and scatting solo.

“‘Devil May Care’ was my favorite because I love the blues sound of the piece and the solo selections,” Vocal Jazz member Zach Banzhaf, senior of Chadron, said.

The second song was “Teach Me Tonight” by Sammy Cahn and Gene de Paul, arrangement by Kelly Kunz. It was an upbeat piece featuring a guitar solo by Tanner Johns, senior of Alliance. Celina Leman, senior of Douglas, Wyoming, was the solo vocalist on the piece.

Next, Zachary Henderson, senior of Douglas, Wyoming, shone with his singing and scatting solo in an a capella version of Michael McDonald’s “Takin’ It To the Streets,” arranged by Kerry Marsh.

The ensemble slowed it down with the next piece, Ray Noble’s “The Very Thought of You,” arranged by Jeremy Fox. It featured solo vocals by Hurd, and a soprano saxophone solo by Drew Kasch, senior of Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

To conclude their section of the concert, the ensemble played a jiving tune, “Soul With a Capital ‘S’,” by Stephen Kupka and Emilo Castillo, arranged by Kerry Marsh. Henderson was the vocal soloist again, and five jazz band members, playing saxophones and trumpets, supported the song.

This was the third of four performances for Vocal Jazz this semester, according to Banzhaf. Their final performance will be at the UNC/Greeley Jazz Festival in Monfort Concert Hall at the University of Northern Colorado, Greeley on Thursday, April 21.

After a quick set change, the CSC Guitar Ensemble took the stage, directed by Assistant Professor of Music McKay Tebbs. Guitar Ensemble is a one-credit course open to intermediate and advanced guitar players, according to Tebbs. He started directing the course last fall.

The four guitarists were Miles Chasek, sophomore of Chadron; Aydin Mack, freshman of Alliance; Alex Rawlings, freshman of Kimball; and Jacob Voorhis, sophomore of Belle Fourche, South Dakota. Michael Mead, senior of Gering, played base for the ensemble, and Jack Royals, sophomore of Rapid City, South Dakota, assisted with drums.

The group played five songs, ending with “Hotel California,” by Don Felder, Don Henley, and Glenn Frey. The song won the Eagles a Grammy for “Song of the Year” in 1978, and was also a hit for the Eagle Guitar Ensemble.

This was their first performance of the semester. They will have one more at 7 p.m Thursday, April 28, at The Bean Broker in Chadron.

Next, the CSC Jazz Band, directed by Michael Stephens, took the stage to finish the concert.

The first song, “The Jody Grind,” by Horace Silver, featured solos by tenor saxophonist Jedd Raymond, junior of Ainsworth, euphonium player Joe Cline, sophomore of Morrill, and drummer Kaleb Britton, of Rapid City, South Dakota.

The second song, “Winds of the Gullah,” by Jim White, featured trumpeter Curtis Stevens, senior of Ogallala, trombone player Allen Kissack, sophomore of Sidney, and drummer Royals.

Royals also had a solo on the next piece, “Sing, Sang, Sung,” by Gordon Goodwin. Brianna Blunck, senior of Loveland, Colorado, played a clarinet solo for the song.

The final selection of the night was Goodwin’s “Garaje Gato,” featuring solos by Kasch, Britton, and Royals.

The Jazz Band will also be playing at the UNC/Greeley Jazz Music Festival. Their spot will be on Saturday, April 23.

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