Senate amends vote-count bylaw

Dear Editor:

After last week’s editorial, it was clear Senate needed to take action on the issue of transparency. It is great that The Eagle performs the duty of campus watchdog and this situation was no different. I would like to speak to the timing of everything for a moment.

The Monday prior to the editorial publication, I was contacted by other senators that sit on my Campus Improvement Committee board that there was some concern over the bylaws dictating how the vote-count narrative was released.

That Thursday, the day of publication, we met and officially drafted our legislation proposal to reflect the obvious need for change. It is unfortunate that by the time this amendment passed at Monday’s Senate meeting, the vote-count narrative had already been drafted and released.

This bylaw amendment will take effect for the next election and will have the names correlated to the number of votes cast for candidates.

The goal of this change is to show to the student body how important elections are, not only on a campus scale, but to hopefully encourage participation in elections for local, state, and national government.

Stephanie Alfred

Former Senator At-Large

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