Senate discusses reimbursements

Student Senate President Katrina Hurley hosted a 7-minute open forum for four students and three senators Friday to discuss an online vote that failed Wednesday, Nov. 9 because there wasn’t a quorum.
An allocation to reimburse 10 members of Senate for mileage and food from the Student Senate trip to Peru State College. Those whao drove were reimbursed 42 cents per mile. There was not a quorum by the deadline for votes Wednesday.
The breakdown for the reimbursement are as follows: Student Trustee Coy Clark, $515.52, mileage and food; Sen. Ashley Goad, $490.42, mileage and food; Hurley, $508.96, mileage and food; Sen. Carly Slaght, $59.32, food; Sen. Denae Schilling, $49.82, food; Senate Vice President Karson Langley, $52.95, food; Sen. Michael Steube, $59.62, food; Justice of the Court Mikayla Gallagher, $37.46, food; Chief Justice Samantha Merrill, $64.67, food; and Senate Secretary Olivia Vester, $68.03, food.
The other topics briefly touched on during the open forum were an inflatable mascot, which has been postponed until Athletic Director Joel Smith is able to look into funding from the athletic department; a Christmas tree decorating event for clubs; and Hurley offered an update on keeping dining services open during breaks, saying that Faculty Senate is working on drafting a proposal.

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