Students receive mugs, simple recipes

The first 36 students at Cooking in a Cup received free mugs in The Hub at 7 p.m. Tuesday.
Resident Adviser Alisha Heelan, 21, junior of Lewellen, led the event. Approximately 66 students showed up. This event taught students how to make meals using only a mug.
Cooking related prizes were raffled off. The prizes students won were a griddle, a crock pot, measuring cups, coffee cups with lids, a frying pan and plastic spatulas with plastic stirring spoons.
The students that came after the first 36 were given jars to cook out of. Students could cook one of four recipes. The recipes were for omelets, pizza, Nutella cake, and oatmeal. Each section had options for ingredients for students to add to the food they cooked. There were four microwaves around the room for students to cook their food. The students also got a chance to eat the food they made.
“I find it very important because I always have a mug,” Leslie Beckman, 18, freshman of Nampa, Idaho, said. “You’re not always going to have a plate; it’s resourceful. Also I find it more fun to eat out of a mug than on a plate.”
“How many people know how to cook pizza in a cup? It’s a fun cool trick to have,” Galilee Gomez, 18, freshman of Sioux City, Iowa, said. “You can do it with your future kids when you want to do something fun.”

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