Students show off crafting skills

About 20 students participated in The Pit’s “Craft Night,” Thursday in the Student Center lobby, where they created artwork using materials such as beads, paint, string and more.
The crafts they created include window art, “bead pets” and bracelets or wristbands.
“I think it’s a good activity right before the winter,” Eli Garza, 22, sophomore of McAllen, Texas, said.
Devin Branigan, 18, freshman of Bailey, Colorado, worked on the bracelets and said she thought the event was fun.
Taylor Parsons, 18, freshman of Sidney, used the bracelet materials to create an eight-stitch loop braid. Parsons said the loop braid is her favorite among the types of braids and uses it as a keychain and bookmark.
“I’m okay with many artistic events,” said Parsons. “These are my favorite. But I wish we had more to participate in. It’s sad, because we have these art events only in class. I love this.”
Hannah Fessler, 19, sophomore of Alliance, was creating a “bead pet” dog, because she has a yorkie dog that she loves and misses.
Arielle Harrell, 18, freshman of Stockton, California, said she thought the “bead pets” look fun and the event was soothing.
Alejandro Garcia, 22, senior of Pine Bluffs, Wyoming, picked the window art because it was easier than the other crafts available.
Jessica Hanks, 19, sophomore of Kimball, said she thought the event was awesome right before finals week.

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