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People are always suggesting that students get involved with one of the many clubs on campus. This is sound and solid advice. However, sometimes it can be intimidating to join a club if you are not sure that you will 100 percent fit in with the existing members, or if you don’t think that you have the proper skill set to contribute to that club.
Joining a club is about meeting new people and it can also be about learning something unfamiliar. At The Eagle, we take pride in teaching aspiring students the tricks of the trade. While it may seem daunting at first, it is easy to get the hang of once you get started.
The Eagle is a CAB associated club, which means that any person on campus can join and is welcome to participate. And while many of the members on staff at The Eagle are drawn toward the club because they are communication arts majors, the club still has much to offer to students that are interested in broadening their horizons.
Not only that, but there is something for everyone. If you like writing, there is always space for a column written about a topic that interests you.
If you like photography, there are hundreds of events each year on campus that need documented. If you like drawing, or you like comedy, there is a place for that too. The Eagle is always looking for students to submit funny and creative comics.
Even if you want to write a comic but have no idea how to draw, we can help with that too. If you like reading The Eagle, you could come in before publishing to look over pages and help us catch mistakes. We know that there are a few grammar police out there and that is the exact trait of a good editor.
There are several clubs on campus that attend conferences and compete for awards, and The Eagle is one of them. Not only is it fun to try and report on and create material that can win you an award, it is also a great resume builder.
Sticking yourself out on a limb is something that future employers will recognize. They will notice that you went out of your way to join a club that was out of your comfort zone, and this is to your advantage. Employers are looking to hire well-rounded employees that can take on new tasks and have the willingness to learn a new trade. Those are the kinds of people that move up in companies.
Maybe The Eagle isn’t for you, but don’t let that stop you from checking out a different club on campus that does offer something you think you may be interested in. CSC has more than 50 clubs to choose from, so there is no excuse not to get involved.
Not only will you be helping yourself, but your participation helps make CSC a more inviting place to be.

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