The Struggle is Real: Snow days—not all fun & games

RGB-Jordyn-Hulinsky-593x393Man, the struggle is real…

Mother nature, and CSC President Randy Rhine, blessed us with two snow days, which were great, but with the snow days, there is a struggle.

There’s a struggle to decide whether to stay in bed all day and just watch Netflix, or to actually accomplish some tasks.

Snow days as kids in elementary school and even high school were days to stay at home, watch TV, sleep in, and maybe go sledding. But we didn’t have a lot of responsibilities when we were in elementary and high school.

Now we are in college and we have responsibilities, so the struggle is that we have to actually work and be responsible adults and being an adult is not always fun.

Snow days are for sure a struggle. Tuesday was my birthday, and I wanted nothing more than to stay in bed watching Netflix while eating cake. But I am the managing editor of The Eagle, so I had to struggle through the mountains of snow to get to the newsroom Tuesday and Wednesday to complete the paper. And the hardest struggle was simply leaving my bed.

Man, the struggle is definitely real, but again, so is chocolate, so life must still be sweet.

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