Executive action needs streamlined

In the Jan. 26 edition of The Eagle, we said that we need to give President Donald Trump a chance to lead, but that we are all also granted the right to peacefully speak out against the president when we don’t agree with his actions.
That being said, only two weeks in the office, President Trump has already devised plans that could drastically impact the United States. We don’t know yet if these plans will be beneficial or if these plans could potentially put us at odds with other countries.
Trump signed an executive order that temporarily bans travelers coming from seven countries. The seven countries are all primarily Muslim-majority countries—Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.
While President Trump continues to reiterate that it is not an actual ban because it does not keep them out of the country forever, the executive order makes the travelers and refugees from those seven countries wait a period of time before gaining entry.
There is a 90-day required wait for travelers and refugee admission requires a 120-day wait. Syrian refugees are the exception as they will not be granted entrance for the time being.
Even though this executive order is not an actual ban, it did originate from the Muslim-ban proposal that Trump spearheaded his presidential candicy campaign with. Even though Trump is trying to help keep America safe, he could possibly put us in danger without even fully knowing it yet.
Many Republican politicians compare the executive order to what former President Barack Obama did in 2011, when he slowed the processing of all Iraqi refugees for six months. Obama’s order differed because it only applied to refugees and not immigrants or tourists, but Trump’s applies to all, which has caused some upset with other countries.
Since the executive order was put into place, two American basketball players playing overseas were stranded in Dubai for several days because they were not allowed entry back into Iran, which was where their team and homes were located. The issue has since been resolved, but this could only be the beginning.
What President Trump is currently doing is on a lesser degree of what former President Franklin D. Roosevelt did in 1941, after the Pearl Harbor incident. Roosevelt passed a law that placed all non-naturalized Japanese citizens in areas on the West Coast designated by the Army. Roosevelt passed similar laws on the German and Italian non-naturalized citizens soon after. After those measures, we quickly joined WWII. We need to avoid that happening to us now.
If President Trump can find a way to screen the people coming into the country and streamline the process making it quick and effective, then both parties are happy. America is the land of liberty and justice for all, and many countries look to America for refuge for that reason alone.
The order has been signed, and now we wait. Time will only tell how Trump’s ban will effect Americans and immigrants and refugees looking to enter America.

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  1. The main problem with the ban is that the people who had to enforce it had no idea it was coming. It was a logistics disaster. It is early to say what other effects will come of it but it has me worried. Trump has no idea what he is doing and his ego is too big to admit it and ask for help. A foreign leader had to tell him that banning all refugees violates the Geneva conventions and is a ware crime. Someone close to him needs to make him listen and consider the consequences of his actions. He can’t just grab Syria by the vagina and pay them off afterwards.

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