24 schools attend High Plains Festival

Twenty-four schools from four states—Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado—participated in the 45th annual High Plains Band and Choir Festival Monday and Tuesday. During these two days, directors from participating schools attended presentations from CSC faculty on topics relating to music education while students rehearsed for the final concert, which was Tuesday night.
This year the Honor Band rehearsed with guest conductor Kenneth Steinsultz from University of Evansville, Indiana. The Honor Choir rehearsed with CSC’s Director of Choral Activities Joel Schreuder. Both ensembles presented a final concert in Memorial Hall Auditorium Tuesday night.
“For most of the participating students, this is the one time a year they get to sing in a choir or play in a band with other students who share skill and passion for music as much as themselves,” accompanist and Music Events Coordinator Bobby Pace said. “It is truly a unique experience for all involved.”
Pace was the organizer of the High Plains Band and Choir Festival this year. He schedules and reserves all concerts and coordinates advertisements and programs for the concerts at CSC. Pace also accompanied the Honor Choir.
“There are too many people involved in the organization and success of this event to name one-by-one, but the music department is incredibly thankful for all the help we receive in making this event a success,” Pace said.

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