Alumnus praises Student Senate transparency

To the Editor:

Given my iconoclastic rhetoric for past Student Senate leaders, I would never have thought to find myself singing praise for the actions of campus government. But here I am.

Call me “Teddy come lately,” but the current Senate’s practice of live-streaming open forums on Facebook, while not a substitute for robust coverage provided by The Eagle’s independent reporting, is incredibly heartening to see. I hope that practice continues.

During my time on campus I often took to the opinion page to harangue about the opaque and lackluster nature with which Senate forums were conducted.

However, thanks to advances in technology, a public record now exists on the Student Senate’s Facebook page, lending the Senate an added layer of transparency. Busy students now have greater means to not only engage their leaders and voice their opinions, but also to hold their representatives accountable.

I was also happy to see substantive issues being discussed at these forums, namely the Feb. 2 conversation about providing no-cost feminine hygiene products in campus bathrooms. I find that to be a remarkably progressive use of student funds, and hope that students of both sexes have contacted their representatives to voice their support for that initiative.

Finally, a call to action. At the time of writing, the Senate Facebook page has 289 likes, which is only 42 more than the population of my hometown of Harrison. For a school with roughly 2,000 on-campus students, I would hope that number would be greater.

For as much hand-wringing as I did about Senate while I was on campus, student apathy was also incredibly disquieting.

Today, the tools are there for students to engage their government without leaving their dorm rooms, and while the average student is only there for four years, the foundation for civic involvement starts with an individual action. What better place than college to practice necessary lifelong skills.

At times where it seems like the national leadership is increasingly despondent and tone deaf to the opinions of the public, the power to be heard and make an impact still exists on the local level. In this case, it’s only a click away.

Regardless of your reasons for attending CSC, I sincerely hope you take advantage of the level of access you have to your leadership, because it only gets more difficult once you leave.


Spike Jordan


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