Lacking experience but still in charge

For the first time the vice president had to be summoned to the Capitol to break a cabinet nomination. Vice President Mike Pence broke a tie for the election of the secretary of education, and many Americans are outraged at how the election turned out.
Betsy DeVos, a Michigan philanthropist and activist (who is also a billionaire), has never been to a public school or had to take out a student loan, so many feel she is not qualified to be the head of a department that has a lot, if not everything, to do with both of those aspects. Many Americans feel that we need someone who can relate to the normal hassles of being a student or at least someone who can sympathize, DeVos is capable of neither.
While many Republicans feel she is committed and driven to better childhood education in the country, we must also take into account that she did not appear in front of the Senate panel for an ethics review.
Many Democrats are outraged with DeVos because she plans to do away with many of the different plans former President Barack Obama implemented during his tenure as president.
The main issue is that DeVos has no actual experience as an educator or an education major. With no real education experience how can we place the future of the country in not only the hands of an inexperienced president but also an inexperienced secretary of education. We should combat President Donald Trump’s inexperience with a cabinet full of members with a lot of experience in their given fields. Instead it seems like we are giving position to the highest bidder.
DeVos has also been on record saying it would be premature for her to say that she would uphold Title IX, which is a rule that was implemented in 2011 requires colleges to actively prevent sexual assault on campus, sexual discrimination, and pursue those accused of it.
She also went on record saying “there is nothing truly free in life” when asked about the idea of free tuition before quickly dismissing the idea.
DeVos cannot relate to having to pay expensive tuition that will take years upon years to pay off because she never went through that.
Due to last year’s passing of ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act), the state now has more power than the federal government to try fixing failing schools.
That law would have limited DeVos’ power on the K-12 side of education, but the Trump administration has already put ESSA on hold due to the Congressional Review Act. With that happening, some of the Democrats have said they feel left “in limbo” or just waiting to see what happens next for them.
While many are skeptical of DeVos and are critical of how effective she may or may not be, it is our duty as American citizens to give her a fair chance just as we have done with our politicians in the past.

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  1. Tommy Bildin says:

    Thomas Jefferson said “The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it to be always kept alive…” It is one of the founding values of America to voice dissent. We should not sit back and take an inept moron being appointed as the head of the department of education. We need to make our voices heard. Devos got the job because of large donations to the Trump campaign. Pay to play. Trump is doing everything he said Hilary would.

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