Senate discusses $6,000 budget for Spring Daze Apparel

Senate discussed the “tack” budget for Spring Daze and the feminine hygiene initiative at the open forum 5 p.m. Thursday in the Student Center.
Senate President Katrina Hurley announced that the Spring Daze Committee will be asking for an allocation of $6,046 from Senate Monday. The money will be used to purchase T-shirts, tank tops, bracelets, snapbacks, and bandanas to give out at the “tack shack,” named in accordance with the country-western theme, during Spring Daze.
Sen. Cody Cooper said they cut back on the apparel to be handed out from 900 items last year to 725.
Thursday, April 20, The Pit will sponsor a country-themed event. Friday, Dining Services is hosting a surprise event followed by the carnival. Saturday is The Big Event, a barbecue, and a country concert. The performer will be announced at a later date. Sunday will be Free Movie Night, and possibly a pool party at the Chadron Aquatics Center.
Anyone who is interested in volunteering for Spring Daze may contact Hurley at or (402)853-2518. Clubs that want to participate may contact Cooper at
The second point was the feminine hygiene initiative that the Campus Improvement Committee has been working on since last semester. Hurley said they are planning on putting baskets of the feminine products in every accessible bathroom in the dorms, academic, and administrations buildings.
Senators will refill the baskets once a month. A possible issue brought up was one person taking the entire basket. Hurley said that at least they would still be getting used by a student, but that is why they are only refilling once a month so someone doesn’t wipe out the entire supply for the year in one month.
Cooper asked if Senate would put something in the men’s bathroom, such as condom dispensers, since they are planning this for the women’s bathrooms. Hurley said condoms are free to students in the nurse’s office, but they could possibly put baskets in the bathrooms as well.
Student Activity Director Cassie Mitchell asked if Senate had considered getting a supplier such as Kotex to sponsor or donate some products to the cause. She mentioned that Kotex had given samples for residence life to hand out in the past.
During the general discussion one student asked about having a laser tag event this semester. Hurley announced that Senate will be putting out recycling barrels on campus for paper, plastic, and possibly aluminum waste. She also said there are still three liberal arts, one Eagle Ridge, one B.E.A.M.S.S. and one at large senator position open on Senate.

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