Senate covers variety of projects at open forum

Student Senate President Katrina Hurley headed the weekly open forum Thursday in the Student Center. Hurley, along with a handful of senators discussed the Spring Daze budget, the feminine hygiene initiative, the recycling project, and a potential allocation for the Chadron Aquatics Center.
The Spring Daze Committee has decreased the apparel budget by $300. Outlaw Printers in Chadron, lowered its bid, so the committee has decided to go through Outlaw for shirts, tanks, and bandanas. Hats for Spring Daze will be purchased from 4imprint, which Spring Daze used last year for apparel.
The budget was proposed to Senate Monday. See related story above.
There is a petition to bring a petting zoo back to Spring Daze. Hurley said that one of the problems is that the committee thought it might be “too busy” with the carnival. There was negative feedback from some students, but according to Hurley, more than 10 percent of the student population has signed the petition. Hurley also said the company that brings the petting zoo will provide its own staff.
For the feminine hygiene initiative, Hurley said that a one-year supply of feminine products would cost around $1,572. If it is successful and the students want to continue it, Senate will look at a five-year plan. This week’s open forum will be the last time the initiative is discussed before Senate votes.
The recycling bins have been placed in every building, except for Eagle Ridge. The senators will be in charge of emptying the bins. Right now, access to Eagle Ridge is restricted to residents and resident advisers, therefore, senators would not be able to empty the bins. Hurley said that if Eagle Ridge comes to Senate to be a part of the recycling project, Senate could look at including RLA to help empty the bins.
The Chadron Aquatics Center asked for another $10,000 allocation to help with the final push to complete the project. Hurley said that she could ask for a specific budget to show what the additional allocation would be for. Senate allocated $10,000 last semester as well, and $20,000 two years ago. Access to the center will be free to students.
One attendee of the forum asked if a college swim team would be created. Hurley said that it would be a good idea, but that is for the college to decide.
The Aquatics Center is projected to open on March 1.

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