Social media: a new way to bully

Social media started as a way for friends, family, and loved ones to communicate with each other without having to pick up a phone. Billions of people have social accounts ranging in all ages from children to elderly people. What it’s slowly turned into is a place where people flaunt their lives, bully each other, or perform other careless and rude acts.

Social media platforms can quickly be misused without even knowing, it’s a delicate situation because you can’t stop people from voicing their opinions without crushing their First Amendment rights. 

Nearly 43 percent of all kids admitted to being cyber bullied according to What makes cyber bullying worse than traditional bullying is that it doesn’t end. In simpler times kids would evade bullying once they got home, now children aren’t even safe in the comfort of their own homes.

Cyber bullying is a dangerous epidemic that America hasn’t learned how to deal with yet. The problem is increasing and shows no signs of stopping, so what can be said or done to try and prevent these things from happening?

Many people, including myself, feel that there should be some type of regulatory rules on social media that prevent cyber bullying from happening. Social media has rules but not many people actually take the time to read what they are and what the consequences could possibly be, which is why more action has to be taken.

A lot of things seen on social media are either partly true or completely untrue. The issue is it forces a sense of inadequacy on a lot of its viewers, especially the younger audience. No one is going to admit what they post is inaccurate because it ruins the person or social media presence that they may currently have. To put it simply, you can become whoever you want on the internet and there’s pretty much nothing anyone can do to stop it. More people are becoming negatively influenced by things they see on social media each day that aren’t true.

I feel that social media is good when it’s used the correct way. You can network, build your brand, as well as talk to family and loved ones. If used properly social media is a place of bliss where everyone gets along and can reconnect, but when used incorrectly it becomes something that you can’t escape.

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