Entitlement is ruining the country

The country is a divided place more than ever right now.

People are so caught up in the political battles. It seems like the more extreme the right gets, the more extreme the left becomes to compensate and we end up overcompensating in the end to create a nasty, unneeded battle.

Why are people so nasty? I grew up in a family that is set in its ways. My parents are definitely situated on the right wing and my brother falls into that line. We don’t talk politics in my house because I fall more toward the left wing.

I don’t consider myself pro-anything except pro-person. Pro-free-will. Call it what you want.

I don’t have the right to judge the actions of other people and I definitely don’t have control over them. That doesn’t mean I’m without opinions and that doesn’t mean I don’t judge—but, in general, I try not to. It’s not my place.

But we seem to have put ourselves in a hateful position as a country.

I read an article this weekend, “4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump” by Dale Beran published on medium.com and it article struck a lot of truths and seemed to make logical sense, based on my own experience.

It talked about the start of a website that started out small but has grown. It talked about how part of the reason President Trump won the election was because he was expected to lose. People, particularly young “man-boys” who live in their mothers’ basements, voted for him simply out of spite for the rest of society.

These “man-boys” are considered losers. They voted for the biggest loser of them all (in a sense). And then he turned out to be the loser that won.

They don’t care about his hate speech or the minimal likelihood that he’ll actually manage to fulfill his promises. They care that they actually managed to win something for a change, no matter the consequences.

We’ve created a society that hates. And the more we swing to the left or the right, the more extreme that gap gets between the two, the more we learn to hate each other and separate.

President George Washington warned America about the dangers of political parties when he stepped down from presidency in 1797.

I’ve always seen his point, but it becomes more and more clear as time wears on.

People feel like they’re entitled to things they’ve never earned. The baby boomers hold this against the millennials and the millennials feel alienated by the baby boomers.

They feel like they’re entitled to something because they went to college. They feel the world owes them something because … who knows?

Wake up.

The world doesn’t owe you anything. And if you want to succeed, you have to do it yourself.

No one is going to get that job for you. No one is going to talk to that girl or guy for you. You have to do it yourself. If you want to succeed, you have to try. And you have to keep trying.

And through trying and moving out of the basement, getting a job, making a community, we create bonds. We grow closer together.

And we have to fix ourselves by starting with our own hearts. Get rid of the hate there. Then go forth and help others get rid of their hate.

The first step to solving any problem is realizing that there is one.

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