CAB, Senate join forces for general assembly meeting

CAB, Senate, and RLA met for a general assembly at 6 p.m. Tuesday in the Student Center.

First, each Senate committee chair gave a rundown of their committee and what they are currently working on. Then a representative from each club did the same.

CAB Vice Chair of Finance Gavan Archibald reported the total spent by clubs is $61,708.51 and the total remaining $144,653.72. The total remaining in the CAB budget is $11,783.50.

There was still no representative present from the Association for Supervisor and Curriculum Development club, so the discussion to add the club to CAB was tabled again.

Vice Chair of Programming Trista Schell announced that March 7, 21, 22, 24, 28, and 31, are the open dates for volunteers at Closer to Home.

Next, Hurley presented the full Spring Daze budget, totaling $37,000. The budget breakdown is: $12,850 for inflatables, $8,000 for a petting zoo, $5,524.28 for freebies (apparel handouts), $800 for a pool party, $2,500 for club booths, $500 for Mr. and Mrs. Spring Daze, $500 for decorations, $500 for booth prizes, $5,000 for a food truck, $20 for wristbands, and $800 for contingency. After Spring Break, Senate will have a table in the Student Center for campus and community members to sign up to be a Spring Daze volunteer.

Chief Justice Samantha Merrill reminded students to turn in their petitions to run for Senate offices to her by noon on March 13. Petitions can be found on the Senate page of the CSC website.

A representative for the Chadron Area Aquatics and Wellness Center will be at the March 13 Senate meeting to ask for an additional $10,000 allocation from Senate. Hurley said there has been concerns from students about whether that is the best use of that money. Someone asked whether faculty and staff will be allowed to use the center for free. Another idea was asking to have free pool parties in exchange.

Next, Senate heard general concerns from the students. One person asked if they could get a larger variety of workout equipment in the basement of High Rise. Another asked if signs could be put up in the dorm community bathrooms to remind students that the sinks were for washing hands, not dishes.

Lastly, a student brought up the possibility of senators receiving scholarships to increase competition for the open positions. Last fall, Senate had brought this idea up, but it was not favorable among students at the open forums.
Senior Director of Student Affairs Pat Beu thanked Senate and CAB for their vibrancy on campus and rallying around students in need. He encouraged students to continue to “reach out and be welcoming.”

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