Don’t give in to the spring slump, stay focused

It is the second week after spring break, classes are dragging along, and the weather is finally getting tolerable. It is officially the worst time of the spring semester.
This weekend, temperatures were in the high 70s with a little breeze, but nothing we all aren’t accustomed to. On Tuesday, it rained, not snow, not sleet, but an actual rain. Summer is around the corner.
It seems like every year professors take it upon themselves to crack down in April. April used to be one of my favorite months. The Final Four for March Madness is usually the first weekend, The Masters Tournament, and possibly the greatest of all, Opening Day for the MLB. But now, April is full of project deadlines, endless papers, and chapter quizzes that never stop appearing. Week after week it is the same dull and boring assignments. It is a time when stress runs high, tempers are short, and the mental collapses are just a broken pen away.
With the weather becoming warm and sunny, homework becomes more and more difficult to start. Procrastination is suddenly an easy trap to fall into.
Who wouldn’t want to head out to Chadron State Park instead of start work on a massive term paper that is due in two weeks? But there is never as much time as you think there is.
The last six weeks are the most difficult to get through. The days last longer, the air is warmer, and there is so much time for more activities. But remember why you are enrolled. I could have enjoyed the last month and a half for a lot cheaper if I wasn’t enrolled in classes, but I am. Each one of us have responsibilities in the classroom. I’m not saying that you should be a bookworm and study for days on end instead of enjoying it, but be responsible. Schedule out your time. Give yourself a few hours every day to work on homework or a large project. The state park hasn’t moved in a really long time, it is a fairly safe bet to say that it will still be there when your paper gets finished.
Stay focused and we can all get through this together. Finish strong and rock this last little stretch. It will be difficult, for some it may end in tears, but remember, summer is just around the corner and soon we will all be free.

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