The Struggle is Real: The right decision struggle

Man, the struggle is real…
Even though we make decisions everyday, it’s a struggle.
Some decisions are so easy they are almost instinct.
“Chocolate or strawberry?” Chocolate, of course. “Orange or pink?” Always orange. “Netflix or homework?” Probably Netflix.
But others are big decisions that require lots of time and thinking. “Chadron State College or University of Colorado?” “Job or graduate school?” “Move 300 miles east or stay in Chadron?” Uh… I do not know.
Decisions are and will continue to be a part of our life each and every day. The big ones are hard, and if you are like me, you stress about making the wrong decision, about making mistakes, about doing the wrong thing.
And if you are like me, you probably do not typically ask for help in your decision-making because you are strong and independent and want to do things on your own.
But, when we do that we can quickly put ourselves in a rut, we can quickly get stuck in a circle of stress trying to figure out our lives.
The stress continues to escalate until it feels we have no hope in what to do next and there is no answer out there for us.
But, I’ve come to learn that it does not have to be that way.
This college is full of people whose job is to literally help us become adults and get out into the real world. Professors, advisers, friends and even parents, if we call them, have insights that we might not have and if we take the time to listen to them, our decision-making just might be easier.
And of course, when all else fails, flip a coin.
I’ve heard a theory that when you are deciding between two options you should flip a coin. Not necessarily because the coin will tell us what to do, but our gut and emotions during the flip will tell us what to do.
So for example, if you are deciding between say, moving 300 miles east or staying in Chadron, when the coin lands you will either feel happy with the outcome or disappointed, and both will tell you which you truly wanted.
Our friends, parents, advisers, and professors can surely help in the decision, but ultimately, when it comes time to decide it’s all on us.
The ultimate goal in anyone’s life, I believe, is to be completely, truly happy. It’s a big goal, as simple as it sounds, and it is not always going to be easy to achieve. But, I do believe it can happen.
So stop stressing, ask for help, take the advice to heart, listen to your gut, and ultimately, do what makes you happy.
Decision-making is a real struggle, but picking chocolate is always easy, so life must still be sweet.

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