Senate allocates $2K

With Vice President Karson Langley gone for golf and Senate President Katrina Hurley gone to an AIPAC meeting in the District of Columbia, Student Senate Secretary Olivia Vester ran the Senate meeting, where $2,000 was allocated to bring an inspirational speaker to campus next semester.
Holly Hoffman is an inspirational speaker, who was the fourth-place contestant on “Survivor: Nicaragua.” The total to bring this speaker in is $5,500 but Senate is only paying for part.
Hoffman is coming as part of Kim Madsen’s FYI Survival skills class in the fall semester, but the presentation will be open to the public.
A student brought concerns from a custodian about a water bottle filling station in Kent Hall dormitory.
Amid discussion it was mentioned that senators allocated money for filling stations last semester. On Feb. 8, 2016, senators allocated $6,000 to install water bottle filling stations in Andrews Hall, Kent Hall, Brooks Hall, and there was supposed to be enough money left over for one more station.
Senators and Adviser Deena Kennell said they will look into why the stations haven’t been installed already.
Cassie Mitchell, director of student activities and recreation, said an RA—Becca Barger—is putting together a program to be in conjunction with the Nearly Naked Mile. This program would take donated bras and underwear to give to shelters. Senate allocated $500 for shipping costs to send the garments.
Sen. Tierra Snyder brought concerns from students in regard to the pet waste bags on campus. She said there were complaints that there are not trashcans next to the bag stations on campus.
Senate had $147,930.30 in unallocated funds at the beginning of the meeting.
All but four of the new Student Center chairs have come in and the Campus Improvement Committee will be putting them together this week, Slaght said.
Senators voted to postpone the approval of the March 20 meeting until the April 3 meeting because Vester was unable to email the minutes out due to a computer issue.
Spring Daze is still looking for volunteers. The first 50 volunteers will be getting something no one else will get, Vester said.

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