Under Armour campaigns against mainstream pretty

Under Armour recently launched a campaign, #ImPretty, that challenges the way women are viewed in campaigns while at the same time challenging the digital marketing industry.
Its focus is on women and the inner spirit that makes women who they are, because each individual is unique; each individual is outstanding; each individual is here for a reason with the ability to conquer any task. The campaign recognizes women as being made of more than what’s seen at a first glance, or even a second take.
Its theme is straightforward and simple. A black background with colored words that come and go, but these words aren’t meaningless, these are the kind of words that echo in the viewer’s mind and make them stop and think about what is being implied.
It opens with this phrase flashed across the screen: “You’re so pretty.” As women, this is a phrase we have all heard one too many times, or wished we were one too many times. Often times we fail as women because we don’t recognize or embrace our inner spirit and instead we look to ads, marketing, and other people to see our self worth and to be called this trivialized word, “pretty.”
What comes to follow this three-worded phrase, “You’re so pretty,” is important. The ad displays these words, “Is still pretty much the highest compliment some people think you can give a woman.”
Wow. Can we just bask in the truthfulness of that statement for a moment?
Girls, from a young age have been trained through several different sources like movies, literature, kids at school, or printed images on the cover of a magazine sold at the local grocery store suggesting what “pretty” is and what it means to be “pretty.” If you don’t have the “wow” factors, you just aren’t “pretty.” Which is pretty sad like the campaign ad suggests next.
“Judging someone solely by how she looks is pretty unfair, You’re more than a pretty face,” the video also states.
This is so true. Women have an inner-spirit that goes deeper than the “pretty” face as the ad implies, “You’re also pretty strong, smart, tough, bold, fierce, brave.” It’s important to hear these words of encouragement and empowerment too.
It’s actually rare to find campaigns that focus their attention on everyday women like Under Armour has managed to do.
“We want women to know Under Armour is proud of your achievements, whether it’s in the gym, on the field, at work, or in any other part of your life,” Attica Jaques, the vice president of Under Armour, said.
The genuine care of Under Armour is shown through its campaigns time and time again and that’s what makes it worthy of our attention.
Under Armour has been recognized for creating powerful campaigns that speak truth and empower women. Last year, it featured the famous African American ballerina, Misty Copeland, to embrace what it means to be a strong, independent, and hard-working female athlete.
“Being a part of the Under Armour Campaign family is so much bigger than myself as an individual,” Copeland said.
This specifically, is really what Under Armour is all about, being a part of something bigger. You don’t have to be an athlete to know what the company is addressing through these campaigns and that to me is actually pretty cool.
This #ImPretty campaign empowers the inner-spirits of who women are by focusing not just on the outer appearance of a woman, but rather her craft and self-accomplishment. This campaign isn’t just about selling a brand name, but more about honesty and genuine care. My applause and gratitude goes to Under Armour for glorifying and challenging the idea of what it means to be “pretty.” The campaign ad ends with this: “Just call me Pretty Amazing.”

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