Marijuana arrest yields 2 guilty pleads, 1 pending

Two of three CSC students arrested on marijuana possession charges Tuesday, March 28, were fined Wednesday afternoon after their case was adjudicated in the Dawes County Court.
The third student’s case was delayed about two weeks so he could appear in court with counsel.
All three were arrested on campus.
The first two students, Bronte T. Corbray, 22, junior of Seattle, and Austin C. Hall, 20, junior of Aurora, Colorado, each pleaded guilty to a class III misdemeanor charge of marijuana possession over 1 ounce and under 1 pound. Both were sentenced to pay a $400 fine and $50 in court costs.
The third student, Warren M. Gordon, 23, senior of Indianapolis, who faces the same misdemeanor charge stemming from his March 28 arrest with Hall and Corbray, has not entered a plea. His court date is set for Wednesday, April 19.
In an unrelated incident that occurred a few days after his March 28 arrest, Hall pleaded guilty to myriad minor charges and was sentenced to pay $375 in fines, $50 in court costs, and ordered to forfeit his driver’s license for 30 days.
According to Chadron police, on the day of the arrests, Sergeant Jarvis Wallage and Officer Zach Klemp, were called to investigate a 3 p.m. report of people allegedly smoking marijuana while sitting in a car parked in the High Rise parking lot.
The officers found Corbray, Gordon, and Hall, in a black 2001 Plymouth, and could smell marijuana coming from the vehicle, according to Chadron Police Chief Tim Lordino.
The officers executed a search warrant for the car and two High Rise dormitory rooms, found 2.83 ounces of marijuana, and seized it.
Police transported all three men to the Dawes County Jail. Their bond was set at 10% of $3,000, Lordino said in an email.
The maximum penalty for the class III misdemeanor charge is 90 days in jail and a $500 fine, according to Nebraska Statute 28-106.
Pat Beu, senior director of student affairs, said based on CSC Student Handbook policies, the college’s typical punishment for an individual’s first misconduct offense of this type, is a fine, a required substance abuse educational course, and probation. If the issue recurs, Beu said the discussion turns to whether the student should continue living on campus.
All three students played on the CSC Men’s Basketball Team this past season. Corbray left the team on Feb. 7, before season’s end. Hall and Gordon finished the season, but neither was returning next year. Gordon’s eligibility expired; Hall informed Head Coach Houston Reed on March 2, he would not be returning.
Reed said he had no comment about the arrests because all three men no longer play for CSC.

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