America should aim for peace, not war

On April 6, President Donald Trump sent 59 tomahawk cruise missiles into a Syrian airbase. The alleged reason being that he was appalled by the chemical attack that the Syrian government launched on its own people, killing more than 80 people. According to CNN, President Trump wanted nothing to do with Syria two years ago, but after a recent statement by his son Eric Trump, it has been discovered this bombing was urged by Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump.

While valiant, bombing the Syrian airbase did little except make our relations with them more tense than before. It was nothing more than America sending a message to Syria; everything that was damaged in that bombing could be replaced within weeks. The six casualties caused by the bombing were minuscule compared to the 80 or more deaths that Syrian President Bashar Al-assad ordered against his own people.

As previously stated, two years ago President Trump applauded Congress for not approving former President Barack Obama’s request to strike Syria.

In 2012, former President Obama told Syrian President Al-assad that chemical warfare was a “redline” that must not be crossed. The Syrian president did not take any value in former President Obama’s words, so Obama prepared for attack.

Now, the same reasons that President Trump is using to justify his air strike, are the same reasons former President Obama had when he proposed his air strike in 2012.

In the closing minutes before former President Obama went forward with his plan of attack, he decided to take the plan to Congress, and Congress decided not to let him go through with the plan.

That is how major decisions that have the power to send us into war or negatively impact how we live in America should be handled. Instead, what happened this time was fueled by emotion, and emotion doesn’t prove that there is a plan in place for what happens next, whether that be more attacks or avoiding war.

Some people also believe that this is a way for President Trump to show that he is not aligned with Russia in anyway. Since Russia has chosen to be on Syria’s side and are currently helping the Syrian president keep hold of his power in Syria. With all of the controversy surrounding President Trump and Russian officials, this could be a way to prove that Trump has nothing to do with Russia. Officials in the Trump administration have issued a statement demanding that Russia stop supporting the Syrian government or face even more deterioration in their relationship with America.

Officials in the Trump Administration have openly stated that Russia does play a part in these attacks and should feel partially responsible for the air strike. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is set to go to Moscow to talk to Russian officials. When U.S. ambassador to Russia John Teft said last month in an interview that Tillerson would meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the near future. Russian spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that a meeting with Tillerson was not on his schedule, but he did acknowledge a meeting between Tillerson and Russia’s foreign minister.

With an uncertain future, one can only hope that steps are taken to avoid war and to find a peaceful solution between all the involved parties.

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