Heartbreaking series ignites discussion, self-reflexivity

Young adults across the nation are enthralled with Netflix’s newest series, “13 Reasons Why.” People are flocking to social media to discuss the new hit series.

Based on Jay Asher’s New York Times’ best-selling book, the series focuses on teenager Clay Jensen just weeks after the death of his friend, and crush, Hannah Baker.

Jensen is part of a chain of 13 people linked together by 13 tapes left by Baker. The tapes describe a chain of events that lead Baker to commit suicide. In the tapes she not only reveals the events that lead to her death, but she also explains the roles that the 13 teenagers had in her decision.

Baker instructs each person to listen to all of the tapes in order, then they are to pass the tapes along to the next name included.

Throughout the 13 episodes, Jensen struggles to grasp the reality of the events leading to Baker’s suicide, while also trying to understand what role he plays in the tapes.

Jensen begins to feel pressure from the other people included on the tapes, which include most of the “popular” and influential students, who want to ensure that their role in Baker’s suicide is kept a secret.

I assume most viewers were like me, captivated by “13 Reasons Why.” While avoiding all of my other responsibilities, I watched all 13 episodes in less than 24 hours.

Keeping the audience intrigued, the plot of the series leaves viewers anticipating the next puzzle piece that would piece together witty Hannah Baker’s death.

While the series is based off a popular book, the Netflix adaptation brings the series to life for a new audience. Whether it has a positive or negative impact, the series brings up important topics that most do not talk about.

On social media, I have seen many responses that discuss how the show has made them look closer at their actions. Baker’s tapes reveal how every little action can have an impact on someone’s life.

The series also brings up the topic of rape, which to me is important for younger generations to be educated about.

After watching “13 Reasons Why,” I can only hope that other viewers realized the consequences of their actions and the effects that rape has on its victims.

As heartbreaking as the series is, I highly recommend it to those who have 13 free hours and a love for suspense and drama.

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