Students face their fears

Chadron State College students dug through bowls of worms and ate habanero peppers to show their bravery at the RLA-sponsored “Fear Factor” event in The Hub at 7 p.m. Saturday.

Loosely based on the “Fear Factor” television show, the “Fear Factor” event consisted of six different stations, each of which posed a different challenge to the contestants. Participating students used a “Fear Factor” card and received a sticker for that card each time they completed a station. Students who completely filled out their cards were entered into a prize drawing that included a coffeemaker and a vacuum cleaner, among other items.

The six stations were proposed by different Resident Advisers on campus, according to RA Courtney Munger, 20, junior of Newcastle, Wyoming. The station that Munger proposed and oversaw involved participants chewing and swallowing pieces of a habanero pepper, and waiting 30 seconds before taking drink of milk to soothe the pain.

Another nearby station required participants put their hands in a bowl of mud and worms, searching for a quarter, with a few pennies thrown in as a distraction.

At one station, participating students stuck their feet into a tub of cold water and removed several marbles, and at another, they removed cotton swabs from a tub of cat litter.

There was also a station where contestants removed a dog biscuit with their mouths from the bottom of a can of wet dog food, and another station where students picked three random playing cards out of a lineup and then drank a blended concoction made of three ingredients written on the cards they chose.

A few stations also had secondary challenges. At the worm bowl challenge, participants could eat a worm, and at the dog food station, participants could eat a dog biscuit to complete one of the secondary challenges and an entry into another drawing for a small prize.   

“I think tonight was really fun,” Steven Crews, 20, sophomore of Denver, said. “I got to try a lot of interesting and really gross things that I’d never try on my own.”

Crews said that his favorite station was the pepper station, and his least favorite station was the blender.

RLA had pizza and other refreshments for the participants. Around 37 people attended the event.

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