CAB representatives discuss school-wide survey

CAB representatives discussed various prompts brought from a school-wide survey after executive board members announced Spring Daze and Free Movie Night information.
The last chance for clubs to purchase supplies for Spring Daze booths will be today. Club member should be at Wal-Mart’s checkout at 10 a.m. If clubs need an outlet at the booths, the members should contact Tierra Snyder. Clubs can begin setting up booths at noon Friday.
Free Movie Night will be Sunday, with doors opening at 6:45 p.m. The movies showing will be “The Fate of the Furious,” “John Wick: Chapter 2,” and either “The Smurfs: The Lost Village,” or “The Case for Christ.”
CAB members sat in round-table discussion groups to discuss nine prompts that were pulled out from the 210 responses to the Higher Learning Commission survey that was sent out earlier this semester.
The prompts included Student Government, Dining Services, class rotations in departments, faculty advisers, peer-to-peer interactions, and faculty interactions.
Posters were passed to each table for groups to discuss and write comments about each of the prompts.
Students commented that clubs and organizations should have better advertising for clubs and that CAB should send out a newsletter about organizations and clubs to share what clubs are doing on campus. Students also said club presidents should be more passionate in order to more positively affect students on campus.
Amid other suggestions and comments, students agreed that faculty and staff members should respond to emails and phone calls from students within 24 hours.
For the most part, students agreed that interactions with faculty were positive, but students thought that the faculty should be more professional. It was suggested that if students put in the time and effort to talk to the faculty, they would be more likely to have positive interactions.
Peer-to-peer interactions were thought of as positive. It was suggested that dorms should have floor parties and competitions to establish more opportunities for students to get to know the people they are living with. There was a note written that “administration encounters needs work” and that the administration should be more willing to talk to students. It was also thought that students should put in effort in order to get more positive interactions.
Students defined a faculty adviser as someone who is professional, nice, cooperative, and supportive. Advisers should also be knowledgeable about the department they work in and in the industry they are teaching for. It was also suggested that advisers be on campus so students have the opportunity to meet with them face-to-face.
Students said that their interactions with their advisers are sometimes good and sometimes bad, depending on the adviser. Specifically mentioned, English, communications, humanities, educations, and criminal justice advisers are good and helpful, but business advisers are more difficult to work with. It was suggested that adviser office hours should be posted online for students to easily find in order to meet with their advisers.
There were complaints about the class rotation and classes only being offered every other year in some programs, but it was also mentioned that it is unreasonable for a small school to offer every class every semester. But, the students thought there are too many online classes. The class rotation schedule was called confusing and students thought it should be updated and easier to find online.
At one of the tables, students said that they were not able to say what Student Government does exactly so they were not able to offer many comments about what Student Government can be to more positively affect students.
When asked about Dining Services, students said they like the coffee shop and the various options that are offered to students. A few students said that they canceled their meal plans because the food was too expensive and that they think the meals and Eagle Bucks should carry over each year, or students should be offered a refund on unused meals and Eagle Bucks. Students wish the on-campus food regulations should be less strict and clubs and organizations should be allowed to bring different food options onto campus.

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