Steal Away with Steele

Space is a valuable commodity. Packing for a trip makes the value of space all the more evident. For the chronic over-packer here are a few packing life hacks.
1. Roll
Fitting X amount of clothes in a carry-on appears daunting. The easiest way to reduce space in a suitcase is not folding your clothes. For people who desire order this statement may seem blasphemous. To still maintain order but save space, roll garments. Rolling your clothes compresses the fabric. Items like sweatpants and jeans shouldn’t be rolled but placed on top of the rolled clothing. Reducing the surface area also makes stacking and organizing a suitcase easier.
2. Stuff
Every inch of space is vital. One place to save space is stuffing socks or other clothing items inside of shoes. The inside of hats also is great place to save space. A perk of stuffing clothing in hats is it maintains the hat’s original shape.
3. Cover
Putting shower supplies like shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in plastic bags can prevent spills. Even if shower supplies are in a plastic bag, a slimy mess can occur in the bag post-spill. Spills can be prevented by putting plastic wrap under the lids.
4. Limit
Self-restraint is an important key to effective packing. If you’re gone for a week, packing 11 T-shirts is excessive. Downsizing the amount of clothing will make the return trip easier. As a recovering over-packer, I can attest to how packing less reduces travel-hassle.
5. Store
Chargers for various electronics have a superpower of tying themselves in more knots than an acrobat. To help contain chargers, wrap a rubber band or ponytail-holder around them. Another charger hack is storing cords in a small plastic bag, glasses case or toiletry bag to easily prevent tangles.
6. Dryer sheets
Dirty clothes in a suitcase for prolonged periods of time can begin to fester unique smells. Avoid unpleasant luggage odor by keeping dryer sheets throughout your luggage. Bonus use of bringing along dryer sheets is to reduce static electricity in clothing or hair.
7. It’s okay to forget
Unless you are backpacking through an extremely remote location, odds are you will be able to buy whatever it is you left behind. Causing extra stress over forgotten items takes away joy from the trip.
May hassle-free packing find you!

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