The Struggle is real: The end-of-the-year struggle

Man, the struggle is real…
We only have one more week of classes before finals week, and it is a struggle.
We have reached the point in the semester where we all want to quit. We are all ready to be done and finally have our summer break.
And it is so close it is impossible to not think about.
For those of us who are graduating this semester, that feeling is even more intense.
Unless we are continuing on for another degree, we have only two weeks left of school, ever. We have two more weeks of classrooms, two more weeks of tests, two more weeks of homework. We are SO close.
Right now, those classes, those tests, and that homework sounds torturous and horrendous. We are at the point where we are trying to find a way to relax, a way to unwind, a way to get away from the stressful schoolwork, and almost anything accomplishes that task. Procrastination is at an all-time high.
If you are the drinking-kind, the alcohol is calling; if you are the Netflix-kind, all the new shows seem appealing; if you are the napping-kind, the couch or bed is looking extremely cozy.
The struggle to complete the semester is more than real.
Now is not the time to get lazy. Now is not the time to slack off and now is not the time to let your responsibilities slide, especially if you are graduating this semester.
The real, adult world is about to be dropped in our laps. Adult responsibilities and adult jobs are looming just around the corner.
Slacking off and letting our responsibilities slide now is not going to make that transition to the adult world any easier for us.
I get it, trust me I do, we are realizing that soon we are going to be leaving Chadron, we are going to be done with college, and our college-freedom years are about to end. And we just want to celebrate what we have accomplished so far.
We want to go out and spend time with our friends, we want to make as many memories as we can these last few weeks, and we want to simply cherish this time we have left as kids.
But, again, it is not wise to let our responsibilities slide to make time for those things.
My entire college-career motto has been that the homework will never end, because it does not, and there is always more tasks we should work on, because the list never disappears, so we should make time to enjoy life and not always focus on homework.
I still live by that motto, but you also need to realize that time-management is key. We still have to get that homework done, we still need to contribute to that group project, and we cannot skip our responsibilities.
College is ending for some of us all too soon, but the real responsibilities are just about to begin, so stop being a slacker and stop letting your teammates or group members down on group projects. Respect yourself and those around you enough to do what you have to do.
None of us like it, but it must be done.
So to those graduating, congratulations. That is a huge accomplishment. But, you probably did not end up here by slacking off on all your responsibilities so don’t start now.
It is time to start being an adult, and that means truly learning how to balance your time between work and play. Work, AND, play. Do not skip out on the work part these last few days.
So, yes, the struggle to finish the semester is definitely real, but so is chocolate, so life must still be sweet.

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