Defense wins spring game

The Chadron State College football team played its annual spring game at 10:30 a.m. Saturday.
The defense, in cardinal red, reigned supreme over the offense, in white, 35-17.
The spring game does not follow the same rules as a regular football game.
The defense could earn points by creating turnovers (six points), forcing punts (one point) and three-and-outs (one point), and earning sacks (two points). Missed field goals generate three points and unsuccessful two-point conversion attempts result in two points for the defense.
The offense earned points for touchdowns (six points), field goals (three points), two-point conversions (two points), extra points after the touchdown (one point), and explosive plays totaling 15 or more yards (one point).
The offense and defense also participated in punt-catching contests between quarters, with the potential to earn more points for their respective sides.
The offense scored only one touchdown during the day, on a 19-yard pass from T.D. Stein, redshirt junior of Chadron, to Tevon Wright, sophomore of Hialeah, Florida, in the first quarter. Fifty-yard and 6-yard Stein passes to Brandon Fullerton, redshirt sophomore of Riverton, Wyoming, set up the scoring play.
Stevann Brown, redshirt sophomore of Casper, Wyoming, and Priest Jennings, redshirt sophomore of Stockton, California, carried the ball during most of the spring game.
The defense, however, landed six sacks, and stopped runningbacks behind the line of scrimmage several times as well. They were in control almost the entire game. Their point total could have been higher due to an interception on the first pass; however, an encroachment flag erased the scoring play.
There were few penalties from both the offense and defense during the game. Both sides seemed to have fun, and younger players on the team could show their skills when they otherwise couldn’t. The offensive line featured younger lineman, as Matt Barden, senior of Aurora, Colorado, and Jake Geil, redshirt junior of Casper, Wyoming, were unable to play due to offseason surgeries. No injuries were reported during the spring game.
Head Coach Jay Long said he expects the defense to be one of the top units in the conference next fall after their great performance during Saturday’s scrimmage. He also had good things to say about the offense, citing Stein and quarterback Dalton Holst, redshirt freshman of Gillette, Wyoming, as players who did well during the spring game.

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