Working for the record

As part of Spring Daze, Chadron State College Creative Dining Services worked with the Guinness World record book to Construct the Record 2017. They built the world’s longest continuous taco line Friday in the Chicoine Center.
About 50 volunteers, including Dining Services employees, students, and community members, built the taco line. The tables the tacos were built on were arranged to spell “CSC,” spanning 938 feet on the gym floor. In total, there were 2,017 tacos constructed.
To “construct the record,” Dining Services measured a line of tortillas to be made into tacos. All the tacos had to touch and stay closed to break the record. The volunteers placed lettuce and cheese onto the tacos, working in sections. Then, volunteers piped meat onto the tortillas. As the meat made its way onto the tacos, volunteers closed the tacos and made sure they stayed that way.
As part of the record, a health services representative oversaw the event. According to Dining Services Director Tracy Shuck, the inspector must make sure that the meat was properly cooked and brought to the correct temperature. Then, they had to ensure that the meat, lettuce, and cheese were up to code. After the tacos were constructed, the inspector looked over the food and approved the tacos for consumption.
Shuck said that proper handling wasn’t too challenging to pull off as the meat was the only hot item being used. All items were cooked in the Dining Services kitchen located in the Student Center then transported to the Chicoine Center using the Dining Services van.
According to Shuck, Construct the Record 2017 has been in the making for the past five years, when Shuck saw another school do a similar event, although that school did not attempt to break the world record. The idea stuck with him, and he decided he wanted to break the record. Planning and implementation began in July 2016.
“It was fun,” Shuck said. “I’m glad it’s done. It took a lot of work, but we’re in the record books for something good.”
For the record to stand, Dining Services was responsible for submitting pictures, videos, witness reports, and health department reports to the Guinness World record book.
The event was covered by KCSR and Chadron State College Relations. Daniel Binkard, college relations digital graphic designer, filmed the event, including walking the length of the taco line with a camera. After submitting the information, it takes six to eight weeks for the record to be verified.
Students enjoyed the event, taking multiple free plates of tacos each as the event concluded. The cafeteria and the Eagle Grille were closed for the duration of the event due to most of Dining Services’ staff assisting with the taco construction.
“I think that it’s an amazing opportunity that we get to be in the world record book and put CSC on the map,” Stephanie Alfred, 20, junior of Mitchell, said.

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