Club nominations for Homecoming royalty due

This week’s Campus Activities Board Meeting kicked off with a warm welcome from CAB Chair Trista Schell, Tuesday. With Homecoming right around the corner, Justice of the Constitutional Court Sam Merrill informed the present club representatives that club nominations are due no later than noon, Sept. 11.
Candidate pictures will take place Sept. 12-13, in the basement of Crites Hall between 11 a.m. and noon. If the candidates cannot make those times, it is up to them to reschedule with Daniel Binkard. Elections will be held on Sept. 18-20, with the Coronation taking place also on Sept. 20.
Before hearing the report from Vice Chair of Programming Chair of Relations Kimberley Hernandez, Schell took a moment to address the tragedy of the death of former student Aaron Eagle, and address suicide awareness on campus.
“If you guys know someone who is struggling, or you are struggling, reach out,” Schell said. “There are resources on campus, you can always reach out.”
Later in the meeting Adviser Pat Beu also addressed the subject of suicide and mental health.
“We ask CAB to be sensitive to the issues of substance, being aware that there are a lot of issues that are impacting the lives of our students, and we ask you to be very conscientious, and sensitive to that,” Beu said.
Also addressed at the meeting, was the mandatory club fair Wednesday, in the Student Center Ballroom.
A major topic of discussion was the NSCS September board meeting, specifically the voting of policy 3300, which affects the student organizations of Chadron State College, Wayne State College, and Peru State College. Student Trustee Ashley Goad explained that the policy addresses clubs’ and organizations’ travel expenses, particularly the adviser’s. According to the policy an adviser must travel with the club to sanctioned events, with the expenses being paid by either the college, or the student organization. The decision of who will take the expense will be left up to the college itself.
Another big change is the structure of most of the clubs on campus. Many clubs will continue to be a student organization, but if a club applies, they have the opportunity to be accepted as an academic or professional organization. This could affect the place from which most clubs will receive their funding.
If the funding comes from the college, then the clubs may apply for transportation, and be covered by the school’s insurance. Club fundraising will continue to stay the same. This policy is one of many that will be voted on in the early weeks of September.

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