$17K approved for CAB’s semester budget

A congratulation on surviving the first week of school, and welcome back, from CAB Chair Trista Schell, launched the Campus Activities Board meeting on Tuesday.
With most of the campus clubs present, the meeting proved to be eventful. One of the major topics of discussion at the meeting, was the vote, and approval of the CAB budget for the semester. The CAB asked for a total of $17,000, with $8,000 going to the hosting of 4 free movie nights, $5,000 for 2 big events, $2,000 for 8 small events, $1,100 for the Pool Party, and Free Movie Night, and $900 for a contingency fund.
Also discussed at the meeting was the Student Senate Campus Activity Board Bylaws, specifically the attendance policy. Chair Trista Schell reminded club representatives that attendance is mandatory for all meetings. If the representative cannot attend the meeting, they must find a replacement.
Schell brought to the attention the policy for unexcused absences saying, “a warning will be given for the first unexcused absence. After the second and third absences, the clubs budget will be cut. And after four unexcused absences, the club will be suspended.”
A new club, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Design (ASCE), was approved to being a new student chapter at Chadron State College. The club is built of “educators, teachers, and principles,” and is meant to get keep these school officials “updated on the curriculum, and policies,” and provide “enhancement tools to help teachers when they are having a problem,” said John Buttiglieri, assistant professor of education, one of the two club advisors.
The club president is Briana Staman, junior of Chadron, with a major in elementary education, and the advisers are Lori Entzminger, assistant professor of education, and Buttiglieri.
The meeting ended with Schell announcing a memorial for former student Aaron Eagle. This memorial “Toss a Rose,” will commence at 10:30 a.m., Saturday, at Greenwood Cemetery.
Roses will be provided.

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