Senate discusses campus trail project

Student Senate discussed a new project in the works to create walking trails on campus.
The trails will be equipped with signs that explain how far, or long you have walked. This project should be complete sometime in the coming year.
Dining Services Director Tracy Shuck also made an appearance at the meeting, and spoke concerning a headline from last week’s paper about the future of the coffee shop.
Shuck proposed a “open invitation to discuss,” the future of the coffee shop, as well as “the economics that goes behind the coffee shop, and give you the whole story.” He went onto say that he wanted to make sure the students “are informed, and not going off of what we think we’ve said in meetings, or anything like that.” The economics of the coffee shop, said Shuck “is not going to take three minutes to explain…but I hope that would shed some light on where we are, and where we sit.” He finished with, “We are more than happy to talk about it, and we are not trying to hide anything, but we want to make sure that you are informed.” Shuck will attend the next meeting, Sept. 11, to talk further about the subject.
Senate also discussed the water bottle filling station project. According to Student Senate President Carly Slaght, next on the list for new filling stations include the west wing of Andrews Hall, and the main floor of Brooks. “Eventually,” explained Slaght, after the list is complete, “no building will be left without one.”
Student Senate Chief Justice Samantha Merrill explained that dorm elections are coming up, and will be held on Oct. 5-7, starting and ending at noon. Merrill receives petitions for four of the six residence halls. Leah Guerrero from Andrews Hall, Aaron Jones from Kent Hall, Madelyn Morahan from Kent Hall, Trajan Garcia from Brooks Hall, and Corbin Perkins from Edna Hall/Work Wing, are the applicants.
Royalty elections, ran by the Constitutional Court, are also underway. Merrill explained that candidate names should be emailed to her no later than noon Sept. 11, with elections taking place on Sept. 18-20, starting and ending at noon. Merrill stressed that the elections will be “ran by Court rules,” meaning that no libel or slander will be tolerated. Any candidate caught doing so will be “removed from the ballot,” and any votes casted towards them “will be discounted.”
Dawson Brunswick, sophomore of McCook, was sworn in as the E.H.P.C.P.S.W. senator during the meeting. Senator Brunswick is a business major, and held a position for his high school student council for two years.
Merrill also explained that a semester appointment position for a Solicitor General of the Court is open. The position still must receive Senate approval. If anyone is interested in the position, they should contact Merrill at
Student fees still haven’t been processed yet, so Senate’s budget is still in the negative. Faculty Adviser Deena Kennell once again repeated that there is no reason to be concerned as it will be a few weeks before process is complete.

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