CSC expands Title IX education with new Coordinator

CSC’s former IT Analyst Ted Tewahade steps into a new role as the lead Title IX Coordinator.
Tewahade worked as a Title IX investigator for the past two years while he worked in IT. He gladly stepped into the full time position as the Title IX Coordinator when CSC decided to change their focus to Title IX education.
According to Tewahade, his position as Title IX Coordinator carries many responsibilities. Tewahade spends his time educating staff and students about Title IX, Title IX’s policies, the resources available to those on campus, while also receiving and investigating allegations, and coordinating services for victims while ‘ working closely with outside constituents.’
Title IX’s policies handle allegations of sexual harassment, sexual violence and sex-based discrimination in all forms, including, but not limited to, domestic violence, stalking, rape, and sexual cyberbullying.
With a new coordinator, CSC is currently trying to strengthen Title IX policies and procedures as well as raise awareness to sex discrimination. Tewahade is also trying to make staff and students more aware of Title IX issues and how to report possible issues.
“Our ultimate goal is to prevent sex discrimination from occurring. If it does occur, we want to be in the best position to assist the impacted parties and hold perpetrators accountable,” said Tewahade.
The goal of Title IX is to create a safe and welcoming environment for students. By amping up the education on campus, more students will hopefully understand Title IX policies and feel comfortable to come forward with allegations.
“Sex discrimination will not be tolerated. Students will have the opportunity to learn more about Title IX and sex discrimination throughout the academic year,” said Tewahade.
Those with information on a Title IX related case involving you or someone else can contact Tewahade at 308-430-0980 or at
More information can be found at

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