Paying for College teaches money management

Is college too expensive? Should it be more affordable or even free? Yes, college is too expensive. I understand that it’s what keeps a lot of people from going to college, some people simply don’t have the money. But should it be free and/or easily attained? Absolutely not.
Having to pay for college teaches a young adult real-life money management skills that are crucial to have as an adult in the real world. You learn how to save money and budget, as well as often-times working a part-time job and being a full-time student. Your years as a “broke college student” are so important in your growth and immersion into the real world. Some of the most valuable life lessons are learned in college. These skills learned during your college years are just a peek into what the real world is like when we’re out there making house payments, paying bills, and still finding money for groceries, clothing, and “fun-money”.
Not only is there value to learning the money-management, but there’s also some value in school not coming easy, that I think is a crucial motivator for students to put forth adequate effort in their courses. If you weren’t paying anything (or little to nothing) for your courses, do you think that you would care just as much? Would you care as much about failing a course? Would you feel like getting up for your 8am? When you’re paying for college yourself, there’s that little voice in the back of your head reminding you how much you’re paying for that class. I think it helps students value the classes more.
I liked the attitude that one of my professors had my first semester of college, which was, “I’m going to give you what you’re paying for.” This was put into action when she had to cancel class, she would post things online for us to do. While my peers would groan about it, I was happy that I was truly receiving what I was paying big bucks for.
Having students pay for college also helps the universities themselves. There’s a reason that 53 of the 100 top universities in the world are located in the United States. Having us, as students, pay for school, we are helping the college further advance their research, hire brilliant faculty members and professors, build bigger and better facilities, and all in all improve the quality of education we, as students, receive.
There are more reasonable and feasible ways to help make college more affordable for students, but ultimately, the most valuable things in life shouldn’t always come easy.

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