Rasmussen announces retirement from CSC

The CEO of the Chadron State Foundation announced her retirement, effective at the end of 2017.
Connie Rasmussen has served as the head of the Foundation since 2003, but has worked for Chadron State since 1990, where she started as the Title III Program Coordinator. After just two years with that title, she was hired as the Director of Alumni and Annual Giving in 1992.
“Primarily, there is never a good time to leave a job you love, but it is the right time now,” Rasmussen said. “We are in a great position now for me to step aside.”
Rasmussen said that the Foundation has a new and young staff that is capable of reaching a new audience and she is confident that they will succeed.
The Foundation works with CSC to provide scholarships and support for all students.
While in her time as the CEO, Rasmussen has overseen the growth and development of several programs to raise money for campus improvement projects, scholarship programs and department and research funds. One of the larger programs, titled Next Horizon, has the goal of $40 million over a five to seven year period, to be used for capital, program enhancement, and scholarship endowment objectives.
The Next Horizon’s initiatives target the Math & Science improvement and renovation plan, the renovation and construction of the new sports complex, set to begin construction in November, and $15 million in gifts and donations to aid scholarships and different academic departments. The Foundation has committed to a $1 million donation for the sports complex, and $2 million for the Math & Science project.
“We are in the active phase of the sports complex, because that deadline is looming,” Rasmussen said. “We are also working on raising money for the math and science project but that also requires legislative funding. But at the same time we are still raising money for scholarships and endowments.”
The sports complex is scheduled to start demolition after the final home football game, Nov. 11.
Rasmussen didn’t want to reveal how much the Foundation has raised for the sports complex, but will announce it at the annual trustee meeting and recognition dinner in October.
Under Rasmussen the Foundation has become one of the largest contributors to campus improvement projects and endowment or scholarship support, raising over $30 million in 2011 for the Chicoine Center, the Rangeland facilities, and the Coffee Agriculture Pavilion.
That was the first time that the foundation raise
The reason the alumni gave back so overwhelmingly to that campaign is because the faculty and staff have made such an impact on student’s lives. They look back and realize what a difference this college has made in their lives and want to give back to it.”

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