Practice time management

One of the hardest transitions for college students is the issue of time management. Many students are taking classes while working a job, and being involved in clubs, sports, intramurals, and so forth.
As college students, the responsibility of time management is completely up to us. When four assignments are due the same week, college students may want to think twice about what to do in their free time. We need to make decisions that will help us be successful in college. This comes down to time management. We make choices everyday with what to do with our time.
Many different avenues are available for college students to spend their time on. Sporting events, spending time with friends, and studying are just a few of the options. My personal advice is to balance out your time. Spend a little bit of your time on each avenue. Your first priority should of course be your studies, but let yourself have some fun too! It’s always a good idea to have some balance in your life.
What if you’re really struggling with time management in college? If you notice that your grades are slipping and that you might be spending too much time at the basketball courts, it might be time to re-evaluate. Start with keeping a time log. Keep a journal of what you do with your time and you may be able to assess your problem. You may realize that you do need to squeeze one more hour in every day of studying.
Time management can be hard for a college student, but it can be handled effectively. We just have to remember that we make our own decisions with our time.

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