Student Senate approves Ag Club budget

Student Senate unanimously approved the allocation of $6,870 for the Ag Club. This budget, for the International Society for Range Management Meeting, consisted of $2,070 for five nights of hotel stay, and $4,800 for the registration of 20 students. This fund, and all funds of Student Senate, CAB, and AFB, come from student activities fees. If all of the allocated fund isn’t spent, then that money will go back to the Senate fund. Student Senate also received their unallocated funds for this semester.
“With the rollover [of money from last semester], and that money that we got, we have $45,246.35,” said Vice President of Finance Lukas Klueber. “That number may vary, but that is what we have right now.”
Senate also unanimously approved the allocation of funds for the attempted suicide survivor Kevin Hines, to speak at CSC on Nov. 14. Funds were allocated last semester, and combined with the remaining fund, the cost of the event amounted to $3,000.
In another matter, Senators discussed some things that they would like advisers, Pat Beu and Deena Kennel, to explain to club advisers during their next meeting. These topics included the due process, and allocation of money, who clubs advisers can be, and what is excepted of club advisers.
“I also think, that what I would really like to try to do, with Dr. Beu, and I, and probably John Hanson, will come up with something a little more concrete, because it’s really been quite vague to all of the advisers,” said Kennel, “So, we’ll try to have those things addressed.”
An adviser, and leadership training meeting will take place on Thursday, Sept. 21.
The coffee shop, Book Ends, continues to be a topic of discussion in Senate. An open forum was posted to Facebook, the post was seen by roughly 3,000 students, and received roughly 30 comments.
“I just want to reiterate that we are not shutting down the coffee shop,” said Senate President Carly Slaght. “We are not saying yes, Senate is shutting it down, or no, we are keeping it open. We are just discussing whether or not we want to keep paying $10,000 for the coffee shop, from our pockets. And if we do, how are we going to get the money, in case Dr. Snare, or Ron Hanson, retire.”
In another matter, guest speaker Jake Rissler, from the Foundation Office spoke about the polices regarding, and the ways that clubs can fundraise. Students should not ask local businesses to fund their clubs, because the Foundation Office has made promises to local businesses to collect money on behalf of the college. An alternative is, clubs can ask businesses from their hometown for money, and can sell raffle tickets. Clubs can also receive donated goods and services from local businesses.
“The entire mission of the Chadron State Foundation is for the soul benefit of CSC,” said Rissler. “We are a separate 501 C-3 nonprofit organization, and our mission is to help Chadron State College advance in their mission of serving our area and our region.”

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