CSC invites Holly Hoffman to share her story

FYI #169 Survival Skills 101 students hosted an event with guest speaker, Holly Hoffman. Hoffman, born in Eureka, Wyoming, a small town of 850, earned her degree from Northern State University, Aberdeen, South Dakota.
Seeking a challenge, and adventure in her life, Hoffman applied to be on the “number one reality show in the world,” CBS’ hit T.V. show, “Survivor: Nicaragua.”
Hoffman presented her “Six steps to survival,” to students on Thursday night, in the Student Center Ballroom. Her six steps include faith, attitude, determination, confidence, desire, and perseverance. Hoffman encouraged students take a leap of faith, and face challenges in life head on.
Having faced tragedy in her own life, Hoffman said, “Adversity is not so much as dealing with problems, but about learning what you are made of, [and] about learning what is inside of you.”
Following her presentation, students, faculty, and Chadron residents, who attended the event, were given a chance to ask questions to Hoffman. After questions, Hoffman sold, and signed copies of her book, “Your Winner Within,” which provides her audience with inspiration, and encouragement to succeed in life.
The event was well received by students who felt that Hoffman provided them with knowledge that they could apply to their own lives.
Hoffman enjoys speaking to college, and high school students, because she feels she can provide students with courage to face new challenges.
Freshmen Mckensi, and Mckenna Webel, of Lincoln, said they enjoyed the event, and “would attend another event if Holly would speak again.” Both students said the most impactful tip that Hoffman gave was “…a setback, is a set up for a comeback.”

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