Don’t use 1st Amendment rights to spread hate

We are living in the United States of America, a country that is known as the land of liberty and freedom. We have rights to make ourselves individuals. Among these rights is freedom of speech. However, many people misunderstand the differences between freedom of speech and hate speech. This misunderstanding appears frequently, including in college campuses.
We usually think of speech just as spoken words. But freedom of speech means much more than that. It means having the freedom to believe what you choose and to openly state your beliefs without being accused. According to the First Amendment, the United States Constitution can prevent the government from making laws that will stop or regulate the citizens to say what they want or think. American citizens have the rights to share their thoughts and opinions with others. In my opinion, the right of free speech is one of the most valuable rights and it makes the United States special. It has proven to have a powerful influence in history. Humans expressed what they thought was right or wrong and needed to be changed.
So why should freedom of speech be limited? Universities and colleges are communities. They are becoming more and more diverse. The lack of hospitality on campus to anyone who is different from the majority can destroy their self-esteem and confidence. Freedom of speech can be used as a way to “talk trash” to people without consequences. Lots of people say things that are racist, discriminate to a certain groups of people. I believe everyone can see that as an abuse to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is often used as excuses for online threats. Cyber bully and online harassments are also in this category. Those people who are being bullied online are also being bullied in real life. Furthermore, cyber bully can happen every second, constantly and anonymously. It can create a fear for people and have serious outcomes.
We can fix this problem; however, it’s not an overnight thing to solve. The reason free speech is so important because universities and colleges encourage ideas. Free speech always creates the opportunities for new ideas to form. In my opinion, education is the place to start. People learn from schools about how to deal with work, families, and lives. College students are not children, so trying to protect them from the world, telling them what to do or not to do only make the circumstances worse. Instead of forming a speech code, why don’t we just let the students create their own speech codes by educating them? If students learn to understand which are good or bad, they will know how to behave themselves, and avoid all the hate speech. They will be more aware of the situations, and keep an open mind.

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