Kroc on the rise for McDonald’s fries

I recently had a lazy, rainy day at home with absolutely nothing to do. I started scrolling through Netflix titles on the Recently Added tab and came across “The Founder”. The synopsis of the movie said something along the lines of McDonalds, so I was instantly interested. What type of a college student doesn’t get excited when they hear McDonalds?
The plot of “The Founder” is the creation of the very popular fast food chain: McDonalds. The storyline is interesting and easy to follow.
The movie is a biography, so many people may want to scroll right past it, but it had some very intriguing factors to it. The movie grabbed my attention because of the main character, Ray Kroc, who was played by Michael Keaton. He is an entrepreneur in the film who has certain attributes to his character that motivate me. Ray Kroc is needy, driven, and goofy. He is needy in the fact that he will not take no for an answer. He is committed to the McDonalds franchise and will stop at nothing to make it succeed. He is obviously driven because he never stops working. His work ethic is almost as good as ours here in Nebraska! At one point in the film, Kroc’s wife basically begs him to slow down with his work schedule. Finally, Ray Kroc is goofy, which makes his character more likable.
The plot includes Ray Kroc working with the two McDonalds brothers, Rick and Maurice. The story line is filled with hardships, but successes as well. The film was definitely worth the watch
I would rate “The Founder” at four stars. I usually am not a biography type of movie watcher, but this film had a great main character. I encourage everyone to at least give it a try.

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