RLA brings Quidditch from Hogwarts to CSC

Karson Avila, right, freshmen of Aurora, Colorado, tries to hit Chance Helmick, senior of Hickman, during a game of Quidditch Friday at the Amphitheater.

RLA hosted another successful Quidditch Tournament Friday at the Amphitheater in celebration of Homecoming Week.
Assistant Director Andrew Johnson and his staff at Andrews Hall put the tournament together. While the tournament is in its third year, this is Johnson’s first year in charge.
“I knew very little [about Quidditch], so I had to learn beforehand and then we had to fix a few kinks, but otherwise, it’s turned into a fun event,” Johnson said.
Quidditch is a sport based off of the popular “Harry Potter” franchise of books and film. In “Harry Potter,” the game is played by wizards flying around on broomsticks. Despite the inability to actually fly, the participants were still required to play and score points with a broomstick between their legs.
Five teams showed up to play the fictional game. Each team was made of seven players, but the teams often had alternates.
Halfway through the game, the golden snitch played by Jonny Dunn, senior of Harrison, was released. The golden snitch, in both the fictional setting and real life, is known to race around the field. The player who catches the golden snitch essentially wins the game for their team.
“It’s been my lifelong dream to be the snitch in quidditch, and today is just the day that I’m able to fulfill my dream and I have to say I’m honored to represent Andrews Hall,” Dunn said.

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