Cut the FOMO out of your life

You’re just sitting in your room, doing homework, maybe eating cereal, and perfectly fine with the pajamas you have on, and then it happens: you decide to check your phone.
All of a sudden, your productive night seems incredibly boring and drab compared to the 50 Snapchat stories you’re watching. Someone is at a party with 20 of their closest friends, someone is skydiving, another is backstage at a Shania Twain concert and someone is traveling the world (even though I thought we all agreed to be broke college students). Everyone you know is having the time of their life while you are dripping milk and Lucky Charms on yourself.
This feeling, this ‘my life sucks and I don’t have any friends’ feeling, actually has a name – FOMO.
The fear of missing out, FOMO, is a real thing. We all feel it at one point, but we can avoid it. So let’s talk about the main cause of our generation’s FOMO: social media.
I love my life. I mean, that is until I look at social media and realize that I am not nearly skinny enough, pretty enough, or productive enough. After looking at my Instagram feed, it’s like I can’t even eat avocado toast properly.
I am all for posting every waking second of your day to the entire universe, but I think we should be cautious about how much we get consumed in the lives of other people. Especially when we have great things going on in our own lives.
Instead of focusing on what others are doing, maybe pay attention to your life.
Maybe you’re getting ahead on your homework, working on your GPA or writing a paper that was due a week ago. You could also be spending some much needed time relaxing after a stressful day, week, or year. I, for one, think that taking naps is a great way to spend your time, but social media makes it seem otherwise.
We have to remember that even beating your high score on Fallout 4 or Madden 18 is an accomplishment. Everyone needs days that aren’t filled to the brim with “fun” activities. Just because what you are doing isn’t Insta-worthy doesn’t mean that it isn’t important.
We must keep in perspective that people tend to only pot their highlights. That one Snapchat they took could have been the one happy moment of their night. They may be seeing your Snapchats and feeling FOMO too.
Basically, put your phone down and enjoy what is going on around you instead of wishing you were somewhere else or someone else. It is so easy to get swept away in someone else’s portrayed life on social media. Focus on you and cut out the FOMO.

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