Pool tournament attracts many skilled players

Lacey Gojkovich, 21, senior of Gillette, Wyoming, lines up a shot at The Pit Pool Tournament last Thursday, September 28.

Forty-four CSC students went head-to-head in the pool tournament last Thursday night in The Pit.
The single-elimination bracket was drawn up at random, and players of all skill levels were encouraged to compete.
The prize?
A CueTec pool cue, with case, valued at $350.
The tournament had a slow start but saw many upsets, skewing the predicted outcome of the tournament. One of the biggest upsets of the evening was between Anthony Ige, junior of Denver, and Konery Klueber, sophomore of Rapid City, South Dakota.
Ige took an early lead by clearing the table of stripes, while Klueber trailed, picking up a few solids. Once down to Ige and the eight ball, Klueber caught some speed and started to clear the solids from the table. Klueber proceeded to sink the eight ball and advanced in the bracket.
“It was a good game, a fight, but I came up short,” Ige said.
With the tournament slowly eliminating prospective pool sharks, the two hours of action led to a tense conclusion between Evan Smith, senior of Louisville, Colorado, and Klueber. Smith and Klueber each took one win, with the third game going to Klueber.
“Everybody came together at the end, showing lots of support,” Eli Garza, junior of Mission, Texas, said.
Garza was at the helm of the event and finds the leadership role he has taken with The Pit events more exciting.
“I really enjoy being so involved with the student body on campus,” Garza said.
The next Pit Pool Tournament will be November 2 at 9 p.m. Registration will be on location the same day of the tournament.

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