Student Government holds General Assembly

Interim Director of Assessment Dr. David Neshiem, discussed the results of the previous year’s NSSE, the National Survey of Student Engagement to the Campus Activities Board, Student Senate, Faculty Advisors, and CAB representatives at the General Assembly, Tuesday. This survey of first year and senior year students, assesses students’ “levels of engagement,” and experiences at Chadron State College. Advisor Deena Kennell explained how important the surveys are to the college.
“When we have an opportunity to come together as campus leaders, and learn about the areas and places that we need to, and can improve, we need to be more sensitive,” Kennell said. “This is the kind of information that we need to have. It should be enforcing the importance of participating in that survey, because we as an institution use these to influence change. We are asking you as students to influence change in ways that you think are important.”
Senate has a current balance of $37,108.35 in unallocated funds. Senate is currently looking for new members as well. To make ensure that all seats are filled, Senate has decided to waive the requirement that students need two letters of recommendation. The requirements to be a student Senator, as of now, are as follows: you must be a student, graduate or undergraduate, enrolled in nine credit hours or 12 credit hours, not on disciplinary probation, receive ten signatures from other students and have at least a 2.0 GPA.
“We are working on filling up AFB, and we need one [Senator] at Large, and two [members] for CAB,” Vice President of Finance Lukas Klueber said.
AFB, Activities Fee Board, is responsible for allotting the money, that students pay each year in activities fees, to fund many of the clubs on campus. If AFB isn’t filled then clubs cannot request money for events.
In another matter, the Spring Daze Committee is contacting bands for Spring Daze, which should take place April 9-14.
“We have been contacting bands, but the list keeps changing. We don’t want to give out a list, and then those people don’t show up,” Vice President Johnathan Sayaloune said.
Chief Justice Samantha Merrill congratulated Ashtyn Faehnirch, 18, sophomore of Rapid City, South Dakota, on her being sworn in as Solicitor General at the Senate meeting Monday. The Constitutional Court is also looking for a Justice. Some duties of a Justice include conducting elections during the fall and spring semesters, assisting in the defense of a Senator, or member of a subcommittee who has a petition filed against them, applying the rules, bylaws, and Constitutional Court, and making the decision whether that Senator will lose their position.
Senate also filed a petition against Senator Maikayla Weiss for being late to two consecutive meetings, which counts as one absence.
The winner of the Homecoming Bedsheet drawing for a $100 certificate, also announced at the meeting, was Cardinal Key National Honor Society. Homecoming Bedsheets also need to be picked up by clubs.
“If bedsheets are not picked up by Friday, then they will be thrown away,” Vice Chair of Programming Kimberly Hernandez said. “You guys can use them, when you guys set up for club fairs in the student center, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pick them up.”
The NSCS Student Leadership Conference with Wayne State College, will take place Oct 26-27. Leadership, Diversity, and Relationship speaker Joshua Fredenburg will present, and give advice on the topic of leadership resilience. There will be breakout sessions Friday which students are free to attend.
“It is a great opportunity for all of us involved in student leadership to meet other students from other schools who are involved in student leadership,” Chair Trista Schell said.
CAB had a low turnout for their free movie night Sept. 23.
“We had about 139 people, which is not what we like to see,” Vice Chair of Relations Isabella Irish said. “We want all of you guys to come out and enjoy the free movies.”
The dates for the next three free movie nights are as follows: Oct 22, Nov 12 and Dec 10. Students should continue to watch CAB’s Facebook and Twitter pages for the release of the movie titles.
If clubs have any seniors who are graduating in December, CAB representatives should email Vice Chair of Records Kristina McGann.
Faculty Advisor Pat Beu reminded students to make sure that they turned in updated executive board information and had some advice for students.
“In the wake of what happened in Las Vegas the other night, I just want us to kind of always be conscientious of issues of substance, and certainly our students in terms of how they are doing in their lives,” Beu said. “There are a lot of issues associated with stress, anxiety, depression. As leaders of this campus, it behooves us, especially, to take the responsibility to watch out for each other.”
To end the meeting, students were asked to fill out a questionnaire regarding the communication between student government, and the students.

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