Student sales support hurricane relief

Hannah Fessler ,left, 20, junior of Alliance, and Sophie Lopez, 20, junior of Valentine, sells a baked treat to Jack Philips, 10, of Chadron.

Over $600 was raised by members of the Health Professions Club (HPC), Sports Medicine Club, Beta Beta Beta, and Cardinal Key at the hurricane relief bake sale last week.
The bake sale took place in the Student Center Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon. Club members baked treats, then worked hour-long shifts to raise money for hurricane victims.
All bake sale proceeds are going directly to the International Medical Corps, where relief services will be provided to those in areas affected by the hurricanes.
“It seemed like a natural fit in terms of places to donate,” Ann Buchmann, biology professor and faculty adviser for the event said.
The idea for the bake sale came to fruition after Hurricane Harvey and the extensive damage it caused to Houston.
Buchmann personally knows people affected and wanted to do whatever possible to help.
Club members also have personal ties to the hurricanes, as some club alumni are experiencing firsthand the aftermath of these destructive storms.
“Seeing the devastation they are going through was a big drive to help,” Ashton Hallsted said, sophomore of Casper, Wyoming, member of HPC and Sports Medicine Club.
Several hurricanes have ripped along the edges of the Americas throughout the past month, causing extreme damage to coastal communities.
Most recently, Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico, leaving millions without power and limited access to food and water.
People are working tirelessly to help the affected areas, and the funds raised from this bake sale will provide additional aid to the victims.

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