Cheers to online exam proctoring

We, editors at The Eagle, applaud Chadron State College for taking action against unproctored online testing. According to David Kendrick, associate vice president of teaching and learning technologies, next semester, spring of 2018, CSC will be administering a trial of a remote proctoring service called Examity on a few choice classes.
This service will not only benefit administrators and professors, but students as well. Examity has five different levels of proctoring, all of which will be tested in the following semester.
According to the Examity website, these levels range from a simple tracking and recording of audio, motion, and systematic changes of the test taker, to an Examity employee monitoring the student live. On a certain level, the proctor has access to the student’s desktop and can see the student’s surroundings.
Cheating and academic dishonesty are educational issues worldwide. In fact, many countries look down upon online degrees and courses.
By making cheating no longer an option and eliminating the temptation, students will benefit immensely in several ways.
Firstly, it would help students attain the most they can from the courses they are paying for. This proctoring eliminates the temptation for students to cheat on online exams, forcing students to study for exams if they wish to succeed. This will result in students getting the most out of the courses and help in preparation for careers.
Secondly, it can save students from wrongful accusations of academic dishonesty on exams and quizzes. Professors will no longer have to play the “guessing game” when determining if they suspect cheating on any given exam. It not only saves students, but it will also help professors.
Thirdly, it gives more accreditation to online classes and degrees. As David Kendrick said in an interview on Monday, Oct. 23, “We want to show that a degree from Chadron State College really means something.”
Online degrees are not held to as high of a value as a traditional degree due to the social norm of cheating and academic dishonesty that stereotypically goes hand-in-hand with online classes and degrees.
If more schools can begin to administer online proctoring programs, it can reform and redefine online education all over the world.
While this decision may come as a slight inconvenience to some students initially, we believe it will ultimately be a good adjustment for students due to more knowledge they will have acquired upon graduating CSC.
It’s good we are finally taking the step towards accomplishing this in our own school, and setting examples for other schools in need of a similar program.

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